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The consolidation of decentralized technologies such as Blockchain together with the various FinTech business models that exist today make the financial sector has to reinvent itself more than ever. A new economy decentralized is coming and will forever change the financial services that Today we know.

What is eFintech Show?

It is a cycle of conferences and exhibition focused exclusively on present the best and the most innovative
technological solutions for banking and finance. Finally together the 30 most disruptive Fintech Startups selected
by an expert group in a single event.

Why we are unique?

New to this second edition is that the first day will be focused on “Fintech Sessions” and the second day on “Challengers Session”.
Visitor could listen and learn from the elevator pitch of the 30 most searched Fintech Startups with the most innovative and disruptive solutions of the world.

Who attends eFintech Show?

eFintech is an exclusive event for technology executives of banking, finances, press, venture capital, analysts, bloggers and entrepreneurs. More than 30% are European and Latin American executives. As an exclusive event it is only accessible by invitation or upon payment of 350€ for the two days.

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Decentralized technologies have come to definitely disrupt the financial business models hand in hand of the FinTech.


The new digital banks have already been provided with technology, capital and
Now they only have one goal, to attract customers.


The Insurance and Real Estate sectors are joining the FinTech party with the startups of PropTech and InsurTech.


Among the main competitors of financial sector remain the GAFAS.
But, when will they give the final assault?


Rob Frohwein
CEO and Co-Founder / Kabbage Inc. USA
Rob Frohwein
I thoroughly enjoyed speaking at the efintech show. Both the participants and other speakers were world class. I was both asked great questions about the topics I presented and learned a lot about other fintech companies rising on the scene!
Nick Hungerford
Founder and Director / Nutmeg
Nick Hungerford
I was delighted by the variety and quality of the guests, as well as the in-depth content covered. The excellent organisation made it easy to maximise time and to focus on learning.
Paolo Sironi
FinTech Thought Leader / IBM Watson Financial Services
Paolo Sironi
It was an exciting event, well managed and focused, which gave IBM the chance to discuss the ongoing transformation of Financial Services by gathering around the same table key financial institutions and Fintech innovators.
Javier Díaz Diéguez
IBM Insurance Industry Solutions
Javier Díaz Diéguez
It has been a great opportunity to meet colleagues in the areas of: Insurtech, Incubators of Insurance companies, end customers and all types of entrepreneurs. The conversations and the input given were very enriching and have given me a very good overview of the current Insurtech/Regtech map in Spain.

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News eFintechShow

Chris Skinner, Author of the bestselling book “Digital Bank” a Betseller in Europe, at eFintech Show 2018

16 February, 2018
Chris Skinner, Chair of the European networking forum The Financial Services Club and author of the bestselling book “Digital Bank” a...
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IBM: Las cinco tendencias tecnológicas que más influyen en fintech

15 February, 2018
El sector FinTech no es ajeno a la aparición casi constante de nuevas tecnologías. Repasamos a continuación las que más...
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Una nueva desinversión rentable para el crowdfunding español: Nostoc Biotech

15 February, 2018
La startup española de bioagricultura ha ampliado capital con nuevos inversores, entre los que figura el conocido business angel René...
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Lendix impulsa su liderazgo en Europa con su apertura en Alemania y Países Bajos

15 February, 2018
Después de España, Francia e Italia, Lendix anuncia su entrada en Alemania y Países Bajos, lo que significa que la...
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La tecnología, factor de crecimiento económico en las empresas

8 February, 2018
Marta Martínez, Presidenta de IBM España, Portugal, Grecia e Israel, nos habla de cómo la tecnología se ha instalado en...
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La facturación de CrediMarket alcanzó los 10 millones de euros en 2017

7 February, 2018
Se trata de un hito en la historia del comparador de productos financieros para particulares, que empezó su andadura hace...
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LoanBook y Finanzarel, premiadas en los European Digital Lending Awards

7 February, 2018
LoanBook y Finanzarel, plataformas españolas de inversión en crédito a pymes, han resultado ganadoras en la categoría ‘Economía inclusiva’ de...
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Gas Natural y Endesa realizan una transacción de energía con tecnología blockchain

7 February, 2018
Esta tecnología permitirá una mayor tecnificación en el mercado de la energía, aplicando el desarrollo e implantación de soluciones que...
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IBM: una alianza innovadora para construir el futuro de los servicios financieros

2 February, 2018
La tecnología aplicada a los servicios financieros ha sido la clave fundamental para la innovación del mundo Fintech en los...
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Como se presenta el año 2018 para el sector FinTech

2 February, 2018
El sector FinTech ha pasado en 5 años de ser una tendencia que se percibía como internacional donde nuestro país...
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