17:30 – 17:45 Keynote Speaker

  • Ángel Hernández Bravo — Executive Architect at IBM European CTO Office
    Making Blockchain Real for Business
    IBM have a blockchain implementation based on Hyperledger which takes a novel approach to the traditional blockchain model, in part by managing the admission of participants at its core a permissioned, shared ledger, and, additionaly, by providing a more efficient implementation of the blockchain, the smart contracts and consensus. In other words, Hyperledger is a much more efficient Hyperledger saves computation cycles, scales well, and responds to the multitude of industrial use case requirements by providing a secure, robust model for identity, auditability and privacy.


17:50 – 17:57 Pitch

  • Borja Rossell — Co-founder & CEO at Verse Technologies, Inc.
    How we use the Blockchain at Verse
    Verse is currently using a Blockchain implementation to keep track of all of our user’s balance and transactions. Borja Rossell will talk about the advantages, particular changes and improvements of our implementation, and other issues and challenges that we’ve faced during more than one since we launched.