10:30 – 11:00 Keynote Speaker

  • Grégoire de Lestapis — CEO of Lendix Spain and member of the Executive Committee
    Lendix, as a complement for companies and banks
    Grégoire de Lestapis, CEO of Lendix Spain, will talk about the characteristics of make crowdlending and Lendix a complement of financing for all types of companies, as well as, a complement for traditional banks.


11:00 – 11:45 Keynote Speaker

  • Rob Frohwein — CEO and Co-Founder at Kabbage Inc.
    Alternative Lending is Dead (thankfully!)…Long Live Data.
    Alternative lending has become a hot topic globally, but Kabbage looks at the world of lending very differently. Rob Frohwein sees Kabbage not as a lending company that leverages data, but rather a data company that happens to be in lending. With this construct in mind, Rob and the team at Kabbage are focusing on building a global data infrastructure and leveraging it to provide capital to small businesses in the U.S. and to arm some of the largest institutions in the world to do the same in their geographies.


11:50 – 11:57 Pitch

  • Fernando Cabello-Astolfi — CEO Aplázame
    How to develop the most beautiful lending platform in the world.
    Every ecommerce is losing money. Last year in Spain, 35.000 mill € were lost in abandoned shopping carts. There are, however, good news. For each 1% reduction in the shopping cart abandonment rate, sales can increase by 3%. But how? At Aplazame, we have the formula to achieve this and this is why we decided to develop the most beautiful lending platform in the world.


11:58 – 12:04 Pitch

  • Sergio Anton — Co Founder MyTripleA
    Present and future of the crowdlending
    We will discuss the industry in Europe and Spain, main players, numbers achieved and main products and the future of such industry in Spain. We will also discuss the experience of MytripleA.