13:00 – 13:15 Keynote Speaker

  • Borja Santos — Spain and Portugal Growth Lead at Stripe
    Platforms: the quiet revolution changing the face of the Spanish economy
    The Spanish economy is evolving like never before, thanks to a new generation of Spanish entrepreneurs building services to solve every day problems. Car rental, food delivery, laundry, professional services… are being handled one after the other by technology platforms bringing merchants and customers together. Marketplaces, on-demand applications, sharing economy platforms… all have in common a new business model that is gaining momentum in the online world, and an incredible ability to scale internationally thanks to foundations like Stripe.


13:15 – 13:30 Keynote Speaker

  • Francisco Javier Gómez — COO, Co-fundador at PAYTHUNDER
    The Winter is coming…
    The financial world is changing. New actors did appear and it requires the Banks to join to Fintech companies to adapt themselves to the new technological requirements of the market. Paythunder develops a platform with Bankia to give ecommerce tools to the merchants in order to let them selling more adding modules that jumps over the traditional concept of payment platform that the current main technological actors are developing…


13:30 – 13:40 Pitch

  • Xoan González — Founder & CTO at SetPay
    It’s the end of shopping as we know it
    The times are changing for traditional retail. New habits of consumers, disruptive technologies that only the biggest ones can afford, ecommerce and other factors are threatening millions of small and mid business all over the world. SetPay supports these merchants with innovative tools that help them to grow. We will explore the trends for the next years and the tools that every merchant need to have to be competitive.


13:40 – 13:47 Pitch

  • Sergio Rueda — CEO at SAEFTY CLIENT
    Saefty Insurance Pay Protection: Consumer Confidence as a key factor for choosing the payment platform by customers.
    The global payment leader offers security in purchases, which is perceived by consumers in a simple and clear way, if there are problems with your order you will be compensated and you will not lose your money, this security is what makes more attractive one platform of payment to another to the client , not taking into account technologies.We are an Insurtech that offers a technological policy for payment platforms that want to be chosen as favorite by the consumers and not be only a payment service. The payment services, as our customers, outsource the risks that occur in the purchase and during transportation through the policy Saefty IPP giving coverage to their customers who buy through them.