Alfred Escala Vicepresidente de Servicios Financieros at IBM

Alfred Escala is currently vice-president Industry and Business Development IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel. Before his current position Alfred Escala was IBM Vice President for the Financial Services Sector for Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel. Previously Alfred Escala has been IBM Business and Market Development Leader for SW Europe, and IBM Consulting Services Leader for Spain and Portugal. He has also been responsible for e-CRM for EMEA. A partner in PwC Consulting since 1998, he joined IBM when PwC Consulting was acquired in 2002. Alfred Escala holds a MBA by Esade Business School, a Degree in Finance by the Institut d’Estudis Financiers and he is Certified in Production & Inventory Management by APICS (American Production & Inventory Control Society). He also has a Major in Philosophy by the University of Barcelona.

  • 22 Wednesday 12:30 – 13:00 IBM Session
    The Cognitive Bank
    Today the banking industry faces a rebirth by necessity. As the digital age morphs into the cognitive era, success depends on radical transformation that enables the integration of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, blockchains and more . Cognitive computing will be the cornerstone for this transformation and it will help the banks to leverage on data to bolster growth and transform their business models.


Since its foundation in 1911, IBM has been on the cutting edge of technology, with more than 80.000 registered patents. Its activities include research, development, manufacture and commercialization of technologies, as well as the offering of technological services, outsourcing, systems integration and business consulting. In Spain it is present since 1926.

In the last years, the company is impulsing the new age of computing with a bet for cognitive computing in which systems – such as IBM Watson – are not programmed but they learn through natural language of people and are capable of answering complex questions in a few seconds because of their advanced capacity to analyze the enormous quantity of data that exist and that can be relevant for companies. All through mobile applications and with the advantages of cloud technology.

The financial sector is in a constant transformation and the irruption of technologies such as Cognitive computing in IBM Cloud or Blockchain are playing a fundamental role. Also the merger of finance and technology (Fintech) is allowing to develop products and services more and more innovative, efficient, secure and simple to use.