Ángel Hernández Bravo Executive Architect at IBM European CTO Office

Angel Hernández Bravo is Chief Technical Officer of Blockchain and Security for IBM Spain in Madrid. He holds a B.D. in Physics and Computer Engineering and a Master Degree in Business Administration. He was an associated teacher in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid where he completed his Doctorate. He joined IBM in 1989 as System engineer for Banking clients and then he was transferred to the public sector where he developed the vast majority of his work in IBM, specifically in Security and Defense.
He has been Computer Engineering Teacher at Universidad Carlos III of Madrid and now at San Pablo CEU. He also collaborates at the Instituto de Empresa de Madrid. He is a member of the Working Advising Team of the European Commission for the Information Technology and Telecommunications of the IEEE ( I E CUBO), and has worked in cybersecurity for critical infrastructures, NIS Directive and Public-private Contractual Relationships at the EU. He is President of the Technical Expert Council of IBM Southern-Europe, belonging to the IBM´s Technology Academy that manages technology projects of the Company.

  • 22 Wednesday 17:30- 18:00 Session IV: Blockchain & Bitcoin
    Making Blockchain Real for Business
    IBM have a blockchain implementation based on Hyperledger which takes a novel approach to the traditional blockchain model, in part by managing the admission of participants at its core a permissioned, shared ledger, and, additionaly, by providing a more efficient implementation of the blockchain, the smart contracts and consensus. In other words, Hyperledger is a much more efficient Hyperledger saves computation cycles, scales well, and responds to the multitude of industrial use case requirements by providing a secure, robust model for identity, auditability and privacy.


Since its foundation in 1911, IBM has been on the cutting edge of technology, with more than 80.000 registered patents. Its activities include research, development, manufacture and commercialization of technologies, as well as the offering of technological services, outsourcing, systems integration and business consulting. In Spain it is present since 1926.

In the last years, the company is impulsing the new age of computing with a bet for cognitive computing in which systems – such as IBM Watson – are not programmed but they learn through natural language of people and are capable of answering complex questions in a few seconds because of their advanced capacity to analyze the enormous quantity of data that exist and that can be relevant for companies. All through mobile applications and with the advantages of cloud technology.

The financial sector is in a constant transformation and the irruption of technologies such as Cognitive computing in IBM Cloud or Blockchain are playing a fundamental role. Also the merger of finance and technology (Fintech) is allowing to develop products and services more and more innovative, efficient, secure and simple to use.