Borja Rossell Co-founder & CEO at Verse Technologies, Inc.

Borja Rosell, Co-founder and CEO – Borja Rossell (22), is a telecommunications engineer and an expert in Blockchain and payment methods. At the age of 18 he founded Minerfactory, a company through which he developed and sold thousands of devices that allowed for easy, accessible Bitcoin mining. It eventually became the premier bitcoin mining farm in Spain. Currently he is the CEO of Verse, a startup based in San Francisco and Barcelona which provides a platform for free, instant peer-to-peer payments.

  • 22 Wednesday 17:50- 17:57 Session IV: Blockchain future view
    How we use the Blockchain at Verse
    Verse is currently using a Blockchain implementation to keep track of all of our user’s balance and transactions. Borja Rossell will talk about the advantages, particular changes and improvements of our implementation, and other issues and challenges that we’ve faced during more than one since we launched.


Verse is a digital wallet that enables you to instantly send money to any phone and pay with no hassle. We use the blockchain as a rail to help people save money and time on foreign payments. The founders are ex-Google software engineers, Hackathon winners and combine 20 years of experience in payments and cyber security.