Francisco Estevan CEO at Innsomnia

Entrepreneur and businessman with vast experience in finance, entrepreneurship and new technologies. More than 10 years of experience providing financial advice all across Europe through the first company he founded, Local Europe Consulting, whereby he managed 100Me€. His personal interest in financial issues and technology led him to found Innsomnia, first Fintech accelerator startup in Spain.

Along his several projects stands out “”, number one platform in Spain providing search and management of public and private financing.
He holds a Bachelor Degree in Law, and a Master Degree in European Political Studies. Besides that, he is an outstanding specialist in entrepreneurship and International affairs and he also regularly collaborates in media, radio, specialized publications and Conferences as main speaker all around Europe. He weekly collaborates in the national newspapaper “El Mundo” with a column called “Pymes and Roll” concerning about diverse relevant issues like world of business, technological innovation and internationalization procedures.
One of his next relevant projects highlights his next book “Entrepreneur like El Quijote”

  • 22 Wednesday 18:00 – 18:15 Session VI Fintechs startups by Innsomnia
    Collaboration between disrupters and huge companies
    In a world where technology and new challenges are more common every day, it is necessary to design new ways to promote the collaboration between disrupters and huge companies. Bankia´s Fintech project by Innsomnia is an example about how freedom and partnership can build and structure much further profitable than acquisitions or precipitate decisions. Opening innovation to Companies and ideas, launch intern challenges, generate debates and promote the connexion between fintechs to work in Banking mean bright and wide open solutions necessary to keep boosting.