Francisco Javier Gómez COO, Co-fundador at PAYTHUNDER

Expert in RFID solutions and physical security. Expanded his first startup (2012) through 34 countries. Co-founder of the company. He is in charge of the business development of Paythunder and supports the new developments.

  • 22 Wednesday 13:15 – 13:30 Session II: Transactional Payment Services
    The Winter is coming…
    The financial world is changing. New actors did appear and it requires the Banks to join to Fintech companies to adapt themselves to the new technological requirements of the market. Paythunder develops a platform with Bankia to give ecommerce tools to the merchants in order to let them selling more adding modules that jumps over the traditional concept of payment platform that the current main technological actors are developing…


PayThunder has patented a new Technology that allows Global Mobile Phone Payments. Any device has a speaker and a microphone can communicate with Paythunder using Cyphered Ultrasounds. PayThunder is able to turn the abandonment rate in internet sales improving the internet sales 2,5 times… It’s not magic