Mariona Campmany Chief Marketing Officer at ICAR

Mariona, CMO in ICAR, an Identity Validation player with operations in Europe and Latam, has extensive experience in the digital transformation of the markets across multiple domains including: corporate and commercial strategy, costumer oriented and product development. Master from UAB in International Marketing and Master in Marketing Management & Licensed in Business Administration from EUNCET-UPC Business School.

  • 23 Thursday 11:00 – 11:20 Session I: Neobanks Sponsored by Icar Vision
    As knowing your customer (KYC), privacy and identity protection becomes more important and nowadays offering an omnichanel idenitty verification platform is critical for the entities. We will analyze the market trends and we will explain how to create a better customer onboarding for the fintancial sector.
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    ICAR offers mobile and web solutions for customer verification in order to prevent identity fraud and provide a good user experience. Process and authenticate the identity at the point of origin and in real time. Improve the customer’s experience, save on operating costs, and eliminates the risks associated with identity fraud. We bring the new generation of Identity Verification systems to the market by introducing a cloud system which automatically verifies the authenticity of customer and identity documents in less than 20 seconds.