Guillermo Piernavieja Director de la revista Aseguranza

Journalist specialized in insurance information, in over 20 years of profession, has worked in different media and informative areas (politics, economics, even travel) but finnaly decided to stay in the specialty of insurance: one of the most dynamic sectors of the business world and in the forefront of the changes in society.
For three years he has been managing the editorial group Aseguranza and currently is leading the change of business model to consolidate future publications. And without waiting to have to change, but to bring about change.

  • 23 Thursday 16:00 – 16:50 Session VI: Insurtechs


The editorial group Aseguranza has been dedicated since 1996 to provide economic, financial and insurance information to professionals in these sectors. But as the world does not stop there and everything is connected, Aseguranza covers lots of information beyond traditional insurance and Insurtech: technology, innovation, leadership, entrepreneurs, smart cities, etc. It has four main informative media: the Aseguranza magazine; the newsletters Carta del Seguro y Carta del Mediador and the Group website. The main asset is the magazine Aseguranza. They are currently developing the launch of new products.