Jordi Mercader CEO at inbestMe

Jordi holds a degree in business administration and MBA from ESADE and UPC. Jordi has dedicated the majority of his career to the luxury, textile and retail sector, where he was fortunate to live the sensational transformation of Burberry (including its IPO), holding among others the positions of, CFO, COO and CEO in Iberia and President product division. In parallel and due to his curiosity for the financial world and the stock markets he began to manage his own financial investments more than 25 years ago. He is also an investor in some Startups (smartsea,, wave). Inbestme is its own startup and is a consequence of his curiosity in searching alternative formulas and strategies of investment, with the client at the center. In this process he faced sometimes the frustration of not finding good alternatives in some of the traditional financial services which prompted him to investigate simple, transparent, efficient and low-cost systems for himself and his family and friends. Jordi brings to Inbestme his strategic vision and his experience with a long background in management, finance and as a private investor.

  • 22 Wednesday 16:45 – 16:55 Session III: Investment & Wealth Management
    Customised smart investment
    The Fintech sector is gaining masses of new clients in Europe and Spain thanks to users’ growing demand for transparency and independence and to the low interest rates on tradition banking products. New alternatives to traditional banking such as inbestMefit demand and are highly personalised and diversified, giving clients the right plan for their investment style and financial goals.


inbestMe is the new automatic manager for investment portfolios, authorised by the CNMV, which manages portfolios of ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds), which are the most efficient on the market. It is a revolutionary Smart Investment model that is a pioneer in Spain, highly efficient, maximising diversification and personalisation while operating with total transparency and independence. Its mission is to bring investors and savers the best investment strategies to help them reach their financial goals, getting the best return with the least risk. This simple, secure, easy-to-use platform gives clients who are not financial experts the professional supervision of a team with extensive experience that looks out for their best interests and takes management and decision-making tasks that require specific expertise off their plate. And all with the aim of and commitment to fostering financial culture. Automatic management significantly cuts costs, which means better return for clients, but inbestMeis much more than just another ‘robo-advisor’. It offers a wide variety of services that allow for a combination of indexed and dynamic management and has an investment committee made up of professionals with extensive experience in wealth management.